Friday, May 17, 2013

When Water Meets Floor

Today was a warm day. It was raining since morning brought to afternoon.

And it was Friday too. So, when I went to the mosque for Friday prayers, the rain was still showering lightly.
It was wet everywhere. The path to the mosque was paved with tile floors. With my cheap flip flop, I wasn't dare to walk normally since the sandal was easily slippery on the wet floor.

And so, I made up my way slowly to the mosque, handling to the stairway bar.

It was rainy but we still attend the Friday prayers

Inside the mosque, at the ground floor, it was wet too. Since I have made myself aware, I walked slowly on the wet floor scared that I would slipped over and made myself humiliated in front of other people.

So, after I have done abolution, I found myself a place to sit but still at the ground floor.

Suddenly, heard a splash together with sound of someone falled. Yeah, one of the jamaah slipped over the wet floor. He was like smiling and saying something in front of the water.

Yeah, how come there was water right here. How come I did not see and slipped myself.

And then, there was another similar sound. It was the second victim if the day. At least since I was sitting here. And since then until we were ready for prayers, there were 8 victims have slipped over the same area of the wet floor.

It was wet all over the floor after heavy rain in the morning

Moral of the story, please take care of yourself when walking especially when there are wet floors. Because when water meets floor, they can be very dangerous to you.

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