Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Great Churp Churp Race


We are gonna make this... LEGENDARY.

There is the F1 Race, and there will the THE GREAT ChurpChurp RACE! So great farm crops and poker chips might just have to wait.

Be on the edge and swerve through your way in The Great Churp Churp Race and be one of the racer without having to be in a hot racing suit all put into a small compartment for 2 hours and win iPad 2!

All you've gotta do for this race is:

Step One - Bring friends to Join the Race!
Step Two - Beat friends who's in the race! Come on, BFFs can wait!
Step Three - WIN iPad 2, BB Bold 3, iPod Touch and a pair of movie passes!

Quick, start your engines and speed your way to the finishing line! Remember, no long pit stops as you may just lose out!

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Monday, March 14, 2011

Tak sompek..

Saya sekarang sangat bz mcm mesin basuh (washing machine) sampai saya tk sempat nak update entri blog.
Esok saya akan kerja outstation di Terengganu selama seminggu.
Bznye saya bulan ini.
Ini pun baru je balik dari kampung kat Perak.
Bznye saya bulan ini.
Ini pun baru je seminggu selepas saya balik dari kursus di Pulau Pinang.
Hem bznye saya bulan ini.
Oh ye, kepada cikgu-cikgi, selamat bercuti sekolah.
Melawatlah tempat-tempat menarik di Malaysia contohnya di Terengganu.
Ada banyak tempat untuk diterokai.
Tak lupa juga kepada adik-adik di bangku sekolah sekalian.
Selamat membasuh baju dan kasut sekolah anda.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Goalkeeper yang poyos

Dah tengok video di atas ini? Hahaha...
Apakah ayat yang sesuai untuk menggambarkan situasi di atas?
Video asal yang saya share dari Youtube ni bertajuk 'Goal Keeper yang bijak'.
Mulanye ingat die memang bijak betul.
Rupenye tak.
Haha sebaliknye beliau telah berjaya mempoyoskan diri beliau.
Dia ingat dia dah save sepakan penalti tu tapinye bola tu berpusing perlahan lalu melepasi garisan gol.
Jadi saya isytiharkan video ini sebagai 'Goalkeeper yang poyos'.

Monday, February 21, 2011


Selamat datang.
Ini adalah pembukaan kali kedua untuk blog ini. Tetapi adalah pembukaan pertama dengan entri berbahasa Melayu. Terima kasih kerana melawat blog ini. Setelah lebih kurang 4 bulan menjaga blog ini, kini saya membukanya kepada tatapan umum. Dan kini saya dalam proses untuk menambah rakan-rakan Blogger yang sudi membaca entri-entri saya yang kebanyakannya adalah dalam bentuk artikel berbahasa Inggeris. Walaubagaimanapun, saya akan tetap menulis dalam bahasa Melayu untuk sesetengah subjek.
Sekiranya entri-entri blog saya adalah menarik untuk diikuti, jangan segan silu untuk menambahkan saya dalam senarai rakan Blogger anda.
Akhir kata dari saya, selamat ber'blogging' dan salam perkenalan.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Ryan Giggs the Manchester United's Greatest Player

Manchester United is a club that has gain worldwide recognition and can be considered as a world brand. They have built great history in the football world gaining many trophies and championship and all of these have been gained by their list of great players along the time.
Recently, there has been a poll which voted the Red Devil’s greatest player of all time by the readers of the club’s official magazine, Inside United and website, manutd.com. Eric Cantona, George Best and Sir Bobby Charlton were the Manchester United icons in the past and they indeed were the best players of their time. However, these 3 iconic figures could only fill the top 4 players spot as the Devil’s fans has made their verdict that Ryan Giggs, is the Manchester United’s greatest player.
Having played for MU for more than 20 years, Giggs has won many medals with the club as well as achievement and recognition at other level. Debuting for United at the age of 17 in 1991, Giggs has found himself helping the Red Devils to achieve 11 league titles, 4 FA Cups and 2 European Cups. But still, at the age of 37 this year, Ryan Giggs is still seen running at the left flank of the field, dribbling the ball, crossing, defending, scoring and motivating his teammates. When most of his old teammates during Manchester United’s glory in the 90’s have already retired and one (Roy Keane) even have step in the shoes of a club manager, Ryan Giggs is still seen tearing his sweat out for Manchester United. Furthermore, who can even believe that at his age, he still gains the trust of the man behind the success story of Manchester United which is Sir Alex Ferguson. All of these could have been enough to put him at the top as the Red Devil’s greatest player for a long time being. Besides, the magnificent 4 mentioned above, below are United’s Top 10 list of their greatest player ever, voted by the fans.
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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Triond February Special and The Special Badge Meaning

Triond has announced the February special on 1st Feb 2011 with bonus up to 30% of your article revenue given out that you published 20 articles on these selected sites: Healthmad, Gomestic, Newsflavor, Socyberty, Bizcovering, Scienceray, Sportales, TheRealOwner, Purpleslinky, Webupon and Computersight. However, you still can earn 10% bonus on 5 articles and 20% bonus for 10 articles.

If you're a badge collector, this is your chance to participate and earn the February Special badge as below:

But, do you wonder why Triond give out this purple gem badge? Actually, this purple gemstone is the amethyst which belongs to the birthstone of February together with onyx. Amethyst name derived from the Greek which means not drunken due to belief that amethyst would ward off the effects of alcohol, but most likely the Greeks were referring to the almost wine-like color of some stones that they may have encountered.

Amethyst value represents wisdom, spirituality, sobriety and security. So, do you think you are up to the challenge? Prove your wisdom by participating in this month special and produce your quality articles in Triond. Happy writing.

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Solving Kaspersky 2011 USB Problem

Kaspersky is well known of its anti virus service provided to computer users. Kaspersky is one of the top 10 Antivirus used worldwide. It gives wide services protecting computers from virus, spyware etc at an affordable price.
Recently, I repaired my friend's laptop for having problem on failure of USB detection. And it was suspected to him that it happens after he had installed the Kaspersky AV 2011 on his laptop. So, upon receiving the task, I searched the internet and it was to my surprise that the problem is not a minor case instead there had already many cases of this problem since 2008.

After I go through some of the forums and articles, I manage to solve the problem so I'm redistributing this article in my own words and way on solving the case.
First, if you came upon problem of your laptop to detect the USB drive after you have installed your KAV, you can first check the fact that some of your usb controller device has malfunctioned by following this path:

Windows Start > (Right-click) My Computer > Manage > Device Manager

You'll see that 5 of your USB controllers are malfunctioned with a yellow exclamation mark icon on it. List of the affected controllers should be the those in the red box in the picture below:

How do you want to fix this problem?

First install an execute file name kavremover which will help you remove all the Kaspersky AV properties in your computer which you can download from here.


After you have downloaded the file, run the kavremover.exe and you will come upon the Kaspersky Lab Products Remover ver. xxx. Fill in the Captcha code and select the products you want to remove which is your Kaspersky AV/IS. Click Remove and let it does all the removal process until it finished. Reboot your computer. The image below shows the operation included.

source: Kaspersky Lab technical support

After you have reboot, check your Device Manager once again. If the USB controller still malfunctioned, don't worry. Run the kavremover again and this time around you'll see in the "Following products were detected" box will appeared Remove all known products. If not, just select from the drop-down box. And click Remove and let the process run. Reboot after the process is done and you'll see that your USB controller in Device Manager are functioning well again. If not, you can fix it by updating the driver. However, if you are trying to update the driver with your KAV is still in the system, you'll came upon error to update the driver.

After all are set, you can reinstall your Kaspersky AV without any problems and the USB port will working just fine after that. Thank you.

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Amelia Earhart Movie

Amelia Earhart was the first woman to receive the U.S. Distinguished Flying Cross, awarded for becoming the first aviatrix to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. She set many other records, wrote best-selling books about her flying experiences and was instrumental in the formation of The Ninety-Nines, an organization for female pilots.Since her mysterious missing in 1937, there were several motion documentation as well as fictional. Below are the TV series and movies which were included her as one of the lead character.
1. Flight for Freedom (1943)
The first movie about her and the storyline was given a fictionalized touch with the outcome was being concluded she was disappeared due to her secret work with US Navy. Amelia Earhart (her name in this movie was change to Tonie Carter) role was played by Rosalind Russell.
2. Amelia Earhart (TV 1976)
(no image)
This TV drama was released back in 1976 with the role being played Susan Clark.
3. Amelia Earhart: The Final Flight (1994)
In this 1994 movie, Diane Keaton played the role of Amelia Earhart which maintain the original story of her.
4. Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian (2009)
This movie franchise of Night at the Museum is not focus on the biography story of Amelia Earhart but rather portraying her fiction character in the movie alongside Lawrence. The role was played by Amy Adams.
5. Amelia (2009)
This 2009 movie was another biography story of Amelia Earhart brought to screen by Hillary Swank with her playing the main role too.

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Cezanne's Birthday Google Doodle

19th January saw the second Google Doodle of the year 2011 with this date is contributed to the birthdate of Paul Cezanne (January 19, 1839 - October 22, 1906) which was a French artist. His work was a based on the transition from the 19th century conception of artistic endeavor to a new and radically different world of art in the 20th century.
Just like other recent doodles, it spells the Google name in an abstract way which is translated by the objects in the paint which symbolized the paint work as such produced by Cezanne.
This is how we can spot the Google logo in the doodle. As usual, the main Google color of BRYBGR can clearly be seen. Noticed the motif on the blue cloth below the jar which forms the capital letter G. Next is the 2 plates carrying cherries and peaches which form the double O. The other 2 plates with blue lining form the blue small letter G. The green vase at the back represent the letter L and the red lining on the last jar with its mouthopen shows the form of letter E.
That is all for the Cezanne's 172nd Birthday Google Doodle. Below are some of Cezanne's paintwork for your view pleasure.

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Hunting Kingfisher, a World Press Photo 2010 Prize Winner

The picture up there is a beauty. Apart from that, it is also a winner. This picture actually won the 1st prize at the World Press Photo 2010 for the category Nature-Singles. This is not an ordinary picture as the shot was taken underwater capturing the Kingfisher while it snaps the little fish. This picture entitled 'Hunting Kingfisher'was recorded by Joe Petersburger, a National Geographic photographer who based in Hungary. Beside this picture, he had taken several other pictures of Kingfisher in action. This particular picture also shows the third eyelid of the Kingfisher being closed which act as a mechanism for this little prey bird to get a rough vision in the water the moment it strike into the water to catch the fish. Aside of this award, he has also won several other awards on photography mostly about animals. If you are into nature photography, you can visit his website here Joe Petersburger.
This picture is not enough for your viewing pleasure? How about this reflection of a Kingfisher as it plunges into the water picture as below? Enjoy.     =)

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