Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sometimes Funny Things Happen To Me

Well I was rushing from my office to my car since I have already late to pickup my wife.

I was walking at fast pace. When I arrive at the parking area, I quickly push my car key alarm button. To my surprise, there is no unlock sound coming from the car.

Started to panic.

Just few weeks ago, my car wasn't able to start because of battery kong. That happened when I was about going home from office.


Takkan bateri kong pulak kot.

Quickly I made several attempts to unlock the alarm.

No respond.

And then, just when I am about to slot in my car key into the door. I noticed something weird.

Wait a minute. The things inside the car doesn't look familiar.

Quickly my head glazed over the parked cars nearby.


With blurred face (konon cover malu because lots of people nearby), quickly I dissappeared into my "car" which parked just a few meters away.


Sometimes it happen to you.


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