Wednesday, June 11, 2014

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Its Not the Money's Fault

This morning, as usual I went to Cold Storage near my office to buy my breakfast.

So I was at the counter to pay for the things. Total was RM4.60. So I pick out my RM5 note and hand it over to the cashier.

But then, the cashier ask for other note.

I ask why.

She said the note is teared on the corner.

With smirk on my face, I gave her the replacement and said that it was only small tear. Why the big fuss?

Its not the money's fault it got tear.


Monday, May 20, 2013

End of EPL 2012/2013 Season, Week of Expectations and Life Must Goes On

It is Monday Blues today.

Yesterday saw the end of the 2013/2013 Barclay's Premier League as all teams played to their final match. The champions of this season's Premier League was already decided some 2 weeks ago when Manchester United seal it in style while seeing the retirement of Sir Alex just few days later.

The Barclays Premier League Cup

But, it was not the champion's title that I am interested on. It was the Champion's League spot for the top 4 clubs in the Premier League which interest me more. Or to be exact, the last ticket to the Champion's League next season which was a battle between Arsenal and Tottenham Hotpsurs with the latter that I wanted to see them through. The first three spots were already filled by United, City and Chelsea.

Last night, Tottenham Hotspurs hosted Sunderland while Arsenal taking a trip to Newcastle United. A wonderful strike from Gareth Bale in dying minutes which secured Spurs their 3 points was not enough to earn them the spot in the Champions League as Arsenal brushed through to claim their ticket as they beat Newcastle United with 1-0.

I was disappointed they were not through. But, they themselves must have been more pain to lose the spot at the last outing of the season. However, my expectation still remains with them for the next season. And it will also be interesting to follow the future of Gareth Bale as whether he will stay or look for another CL team within this 3 months hiatus. Above all, my congratulations and respect goes to all of them to even made to this level as they reached 72 points, an all time record for the team while also being the first team to reach past the 70 points mark only to be missed out on the Champions League spot. They were remarkable this season but still there are also a lot of rooms for improvement and I believe AVB will sort it out this summer.

The future of Gareth Bale at White Hart Lane will be interesting to follow in this 3 months hiatus
In the meantime, there are also a lot of expectations coming in for me this week. Firstly, me and wife will be much expecting our baby this week as this coming 25th will be her due date. Hopefully everything will go smoothly. Talking about 25th, I will expecting my pay this coming Thursday too as usually our payday never went past through the 25th day of the month. I am excited to know my new revised salary. Hopefully it is already resolved for this month's pay. Thankfully, this Friday will be a public holiday. It is Wesak Day. So I can enjoy my 3 days holiday with my payday coming in. Also not to be forgotten, it is Champions League Final this Saturday between FC Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund. I am going to be enjoying this as we have missed out the title last season to Chelsea at home ground. And this season have been very astounding having clinched the Bundesliga title with 20 points margin and recently won the German Cup in style. The pain losing the Champions League last season while being more dominant and prominent team has taught this boys a lot for this season. Surely, I will watch the match with popcorns in hand at my home theater of dream.

Champions League Final 2013 in Wembley
All in all, with all those said, life must goes on.

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Friday, May 17, 2013

When Water Meets Floor

Today was a warm day. It was raining since morning brought to afternoon.

And it was Friday too. So, when I went to the mosque for Friday prayers, the rain was still showering lightly.
It was wet everywhere. The path to the mosque was paved with tile floors. With my cheap flip flop, I wasn't dare to walk normally since the sandal was easily slippery on the wet floor.

And so, I made up my way slowly to the mosque, handling to the stairway bar.

It was rainy but we still attend the Friday prayers

Inside the mosque, at the ground floor, it was wet too. Since I have made myself aware, I walked slowly on the wet floor scared that I would slipped over and made myself humiliated in front of other people.

So, after I have done abolution, I found myself a place to sit but still at the ground floor.

Suddenly, heard a splash together with sound of someone falled. Yeah, one of the jamaah slipped over the wet floor. He was like smiling and saying something in front of the water.

Yeah, how come there was water right here. How come I did not see and slipped myself.

And then, there was another similar sound. It was the second victim if the day. At least since I was sitting here. And since then until we were ready for prayers, there were 8 victims have slipped over the same area of the wet floor.

It was wet all over the floor after heavy rain in the morning

Moral of the story, please take care of yourself when walking especially when there are wet floors. Because when water meets floor, they can be very dangerous to you.

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Antenatal Check Up at Pusrawi Jalan Tun Razak

Its already 8 months since the first time me and my wife came here. That means my wife just few days away from her due date. We are anticipating our first baby. With Allah's Will, hopefully everything will go smooth.
After, 8 months of through and go at this hospital, I want to share 1 tips if you also happens or planning to do your check up here.

I will suggest that if you come here, you can always park your car at the Wisma Sejarah just next to the Pusrawi building. This is because, if you park at Wisma Sejarah, you just have to pay RM 4 for one time admission. Whereas, if you park at Pusrawi car park you might be charge more than that because they charge by hour.

I would like to remind you that antenatal check up is not a 1 hour visit for you. Instead, you could stuck here for hours. Especially if the Dr have an emergency case or you happens to come in late and there are already many people waiting for their turn. So, let say that you finish your visit after 3 hours, your car park ticket might cost you around RM9. However, if your family is admitted in the ward and you have to accompany them. You can ask the staff nurse for a coupon with a fair charge of RM5 per day.

I hope this tips might help you guys manage your visit to the hospital. And May Allah bless you all with good health and wealth.
Wisma Sejarah, Jalan Tun Razak, KL

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