Friday, January 21, 2011

Hunting Kingfisher, a World Press Photo 2010 Prize Winner

The picture up there is a beauty. Apart from that, it is also a winner. This picture actually won the 1st prize at the World Press Photo 2010 for the category Nature-Singles. This is not an ordinary picture as the shot was taken underwater capturing the Kingfisher while it snaps the little fish. This picture entitled 'Hunting Kingfisher'was recorded by Joe Petersburger, a National Geographic photographer who based in Hungary. Beside this picture, he had taken several other pictures of Kingfisher in action. This particular picture also shows the third eyelid of the Kingfisher being closed which act as a mechanism for this little prey bird to get a rough vision in the water the moment it strike into the water to catch the fish. Aside of this award, he has also won several other awards on photography mostly about animals. If you are into nature photography, you can visit his website here Joe Petersburger.
This picture is not enough for your viewing pleasure? How about this reflection of a Kingfisher as it plunges into the water picture as below? Enjoy.     =)

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