Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Solving Kaspersky 2011 USB Problem

Kaspersky is well known of its anti virus service provided to computer users. Kaspersky is one of the top 10 Antivirus used worldwide. It gives wide services protecting computers from virus, spyware etc at an affordable price.
Recently, I repaired my friend's laptop for having problem on failure of USB detection. And it was suspected to him that it happens after he had installed the Kaspersky AV 2011 on his laptop. So, upon receiving the task, I searched the internet and it was to my surprise that the problem is not a minor case instead there had already many cases of this problem since 2008.

After I go through some of the forums and articles, I manage to solve the problem so I'm redistributing this article in my own words and way on solving the case.
First, if you came upon problem of your laptop to detect the USB drive after you have installed your KAV, you can first check the fact that some of your usb controller device has malfunctioned by following this path:

Windows Start > (Right-click) My Computer > Manage > Device Manager

You'll see that 5 of your USB controllers are malfunctioned with a yellow exclamation mark icon on it. List of the affected controllers should be the those in the red box in the picture below:

How do you want to fix this problem?

First install an execute file name kavremover which will help you remove all the Kaspersky AV properties in your computer which you can download from here.


After you have downloaded the file, run the kavremover.exe and you will come upon the Kaspersky Lab Products Remover ver. xxx. Fill in the Captcha code and select the products you want to remove which is your Kaspersky AV/IS. Click Remove and let it does all the removal process until it finished. Reboot your computer. The image below shows the operation included.

source: Kaspersky Lab technical support

After you have reboot, check your Device Manager once again. If the USB controller still malfunctioned, don't worry. Run the kavremover again and this time around you'll see in the "Following products were detected" box will appeared Remove all known products. If not, just select from the drop-down box. And click Remove and let the process run. Reboot after the process is done and you'll see that your USB controller in Device Manager are functioning well again. If not, you can fix it by updating the driver. However, if you are trying to update the driver with your KAV is still in the system, you'll came upon error to update the driver.

After all are set, you can reinstall your Kaspersky AV without any problems and the USB port will working just fine after that. Thank you.

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